Culmann-Prize to Markus Schwager

Dr. Markus Schwager has been awarded the 2015 Culmann-Prize for his doctoral Thesis "Development, Analysis and Application of an Inclinedeformeter Device for Earth Pressure Measurements".


New publication

Alexander M. Puzrin, Thomas E. Gray, Andrew J. Hill

Significance of the true non-linear slope geometry for catastrophic failure in submarine landslides

Proc. R. Soc. A 471: 20140772 (2015).


Term as Géotechnique editor ends

With the end of 2014, Prof. Puzrin's term of three years as the Honorary Editor of Géotechnique, the oldest and most prestigious international geotechnical journal, came to an end.

Further information

Honours and awards

Group excursion Israel

Impressions from our group excursion to Israel, including the ETH–Technion Joint Geotechnical Research Meeting and visits to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, 11-15 June 2014.



Upcoming events at ETH Zurich

3 September 2015, Ceremony (Celebration)

Inauguration of the ETH Zurich Hub of the Swiss Space Center

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18 September 2015, Colloquium

Geophysical Colloquium - Compositional mantle layering revealed by slab stagnation at ~1,000 km depth

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25 September 2015, Colloquium

Geophysical Colloquium - Probe Jupiter's Interior via Gravitational Sounding

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29 September 2015, Colloquium

IBK Kolloquium - House of Natural Resources

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1 October 2015, Seminar

The art of real-time simulation: Farming simulator

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8 October 2015, Seminar

Satellite radar interferometry for operational geodesy: a SWOT analysis

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15 October 2015, Seminar

Looking for a Clearer Picture in Blind Deconvolution

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20 October 2015, Colloquium

IBK Kolloquium - Conservation of monuments and historic structures: Methodology, research and practice

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22 October 2015, Seminar

Einige Schlingen und Wahnvorstellungen für die kartographische Visualisierung

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12 November 2015, Seminar

Probabilistic Techniques for Robotic Perception and Decision Making

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17 November 2015, Colloquium

IBK Kolloquium - Neuer Ansatz zur Ermittlung der Mindestbewehrung für dicke Stahlbetonbauteile

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26 November 2015, Seminar

Klassischer Reliefbau in Zeiten von GoogleEarth

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1 December 2015, Colloquium

IBK Kolloquium - Reliability and Resilience of Civil Infrastructure Systems subject to Multiple Hazards

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17 December 2015, Seminar

The immersive Video Environment: a tool to support design, visualisation and evaluation of spatiotemporal phenomena and systems

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13 June 2016 - 17 June 2016, Congress

Sustainable Built Environment Conference - Expanding Boundaries: System Thinking in the Built Environment

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